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Hiten R. Gardi

Married with two young children and residing in the Northwest…

Thomas E. Haught

Thomas Haught lives in the western suburbs and received…

Ann Fischer

Ann Fischer joined Gardi & Haught in 2008. Ann Fischer has…

Michael DeSantis

Michael DeSantis received his undergraduate degree…

Parag Bhosale

Married with one young child, Parag makes his home in Suburban…

Earl J. Roloff

Earl J. Roloff has been practicing real estate law since he opened…

Marie Gross

Marie currently lives in the northwest suburbs and joined….

Samuel Park

Samuel Park lives in the northern suburbs and has a wide spectrum of legal…

Stacey E. Lynch

Stacey lives in the south suburbs with her 3 children…

Joseph Baldwin

Joseph received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University…

Magdalena Gonzalez

Magdalena graduated from law school in May of 2020….

Martin Lascola

Martin LaScola attended Marquette University where he received…


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Gardi & Haught, Ltd. is a full service law firm located in Schaumburg, IL. Our Schaumburg attorneys & lawyers can help you with the following areas of law including real estate, personal injury & worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, business disputes, wrongful death, immigration, family, estate planning, corporate, property tax, hud closings, landlord/ tenant issues, mass tort and criminal law. Contact one of our Schaumburg attorneys or lawyers today for a free consultation at 847-944-9400.

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