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Strategic legal representation is crucial in Schaumburg’s rapidly evolving and highly competitive corporate landscape. Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD is the seasoned choice in corporate law, assisting clients with various corporate legal needs.

With a well-earned reputation as a dedicated advocate, our firm serves for-profit, nonprofit, and special-purpose corporations, helping them achieve their goals. When you choose us, you can have confidence that our experienced Schaumburg corporate lawyers will handle your matter with expertise. Contact one of our corporate attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Corporate Law Services for Clients in Schaumburg

Our team, well-versed in the Illinois Business Organizations Code, provides regular counsel to for-profit, nonprofit, and special-purpose corporations on various matters, including:

  • Business Formation
  • Executive employment agreements and employee benefits
  • Corporate transactions
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate governance
  • Fractional General Counsel

By deeply understanding your business, our corporate law attorneys tailor a strategy to address your specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

Formation of Corporations

Business success necessitates careful planning and a strong foundation. Our Schaumburg corporate law attorneys will guide you through all aspects of business formation, from selecting the appropriate entity and preparing foundational documents to handling licensing, permitting, and intellectual property registration. We also counsel on regulatory matters, employment issues, and other legal and corporate affairs.

Corporate Employment Law and Employment Agreements

Employment agreements are typically established before the commencement of an employment relationship to outline the mutual understanding between corporations and executives regarding critical terms, such as:

  • Duration of employment
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Equity arrangements
  • Duties and responsibilities of the parties
  • Employee obligations, including non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality
  • Employment dispute resolution

Our corporate attorneys have extensive experience drafting employment contracts to protect clients from unfair and unreasonable obligations.

Corporate Transactions

Our firm and team of qualified and experienced corporate lawyers offer guidance to domestic, Asian-based, and international businesses on various corporate transactions, including stock sales, asset sales, mergers, and acquisitions. Additionally, our corporate attorneys regularly prepare essential agreements, including:

  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Noncompete/nondisclosure/nonsolicitation agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

You can rely on us to craft well-conceived agreements that facilitate successful corporate transactions while safeguarding your interests.

Commercial Litigation

Our Schaumburg corporate attorneys proactively help clients avoid litigation by negotiating well-crafted agreements and mediating and arbitrating business disputes. However, we are fully prepared to litigate in state and federal courts to protect our client’s rights and interests if necessary.

Corporate Intellectual Property (IP) Registration & IP Management Service

Our corporate law attorneys represent domestic and foreign corporations across various industries in intellectual property disputes, including copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent disputes, and other IP-related matters. Our services include registering copyrights and trademarks, preparing and prosecuting patent applications, and advocating for clients before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the United States Copyright Office.

Schaumburg Corporate Governance Attorney

Corporate leaders must adhere to applicable rules and regulations, fulfill fiduciary obligations, and implement best practices. At Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, our team of corporate law attorneys work proactively with boards of directors and senior management at private and public companies on corporate governance matters, including:

  • Internal controls and oversight
  • Codes of ethics
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Risk management
  • Shareholder demands
  • Conflicts of interest and liability
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Public disclosure advice
  • Management succession

Our corporate governance attorneys design innovative solutions to help clients mitigate risk and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Schaumburg Fractional General Counsel Services

For corporations without in-house counsel or those needing advice on day-to-day legal matters or specific projects, we provide fractional general counsel services related to:

  • Business operations
  • Employee issues
  • Risk management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Business dissolution

When you enlist our services, our corporate law attorneys will take the time to understand your goals and work strategically to help you achieve them.

A Strategic Partner That Grows with Your Organization

At Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, we represent emerging and established businesses across various industries in Schaumburg, Illinois. Our corporate law legal team, which is highly regarded among Schaumburg and state business leaders, will tailor a strategy to help mitigate risks and advance your business. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier legal services to Schaumburg-owned businesses and foreign entities while upholding professional excellence.

Contact One Of Our Experienced Schaumburg Corporate Law Attorney

Schaumburg business owners and corporations can rely on Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD to provide informed guidance, reliable service, and personalized attention. Connect with one of our corporate law attorneys by filling out a form or calling (847) 944-9400 today to get started.

Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, and our legal team of highly experienced corporate law attorneys assist corporations throughout Schaumburg, Illinois, and the rest of the state with corporate law matters. We’ve helped hundreds of clients with matters related to corporate governance, corporate entity formation, general counsel, corporate employment agreements, corporate transactions, and litigation.

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As dedicated corporate law attorneys our commitment ensures that we are fully prepared to handle any unexpected challenges or complexities that may arise in corporate legal matters.

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Our team of corporate law attorneys possesses not only the legal knowledge but also the resources and skills needed to support and guide you through even the most intricate corporate matters.

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Our team of dedicated corporate law attorneys not only possesses the necessary legal knowledge but also has access to an array of resources and capabilities required to provide comprehensive support and guidance.


Our team of experienced corporate law attorneys is pleased to provide legal representation in multiple languages, including Spanish (Hablamos Español), Polish (Mowimy Po Polsku), and Gujarati (Āpaṇē gujarātī bōlī’ē chī’ē).

Our Experience

In the realm of corporate law, it’s crucial to have corporate law attorneys by your side—professionals who don’t just possess theoretical knowledge of the law but actively practice it day in and day out.


Our team of skilled corporate law attorneys has earned numerous 5-star Google reviews, demonstrating the high level of satisfaction our clients have experienced with our corporate legal services.

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"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

IL/Willowbrook – Shawn G.

"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

IL/Willowbrook – Shawn G.

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