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At Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, our highly skilled team of landlord and tenant lawyers offer comprehensive solutions to simplify a landlord’s legal needs, eliminating the need for multiple law firms. Our team of landlord and tenant attorneys provides exceptional landlord-tenant legal services in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, covering various aspects of landlord-tenant law, including:

  • Residential and commercial evictions
  • Breach of contract and lease violations
  • Lease Termination
  • Drafting and review of leases, disclosures, and contracts
  • Building code violations
  • Defense against discrimination allegations
  • Compliance with the Chicago Residential Landlords & Tenants Ordinance (CRLTO)
  • Compliance with the Cook County Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance (RTLO)
  • Handling construction defects
  • Addressing mold issues, lead paint, and related hazards
  • Managing mechanics liens
  • Post-judgment collection
  • Annual report filing and registered agent services
  • Resolving third-party disputes with tenants, neighbors, insurance companies, developers, contractors, and municipalities
  • Property tax appeals
  • Handling rental property concerns, including Section 8, HUD, security deposits, and more.

We understand landlords require various legal services, so we offer a monthly retainer agreement program. This program provides flexibility for landlords with varying legal needs, all at a manageable flat monthly rate. In addition to transactional services, our monthly retainer includes unlimited communication, allowing clients to seek advice and ask questions without worrying about hourly billing rates.

Flat Eviction Rate 

Landlords pay a consistent flat fee for residential and commercial evictions, regardless of where the case is filed. Whether evicted in multiple counties across Illinois, our clients benefit from the same fee structure. 

Eviction and Litigation Online Portal

Our landlord and tenant attorneys provide clients with convenient access to our Case Status Online (CSO) portal, offering:

  • 24/7 access for landlords and property managers
  • Real-time status updates on eviction and litigation matters
  • Flexible viewing options with daily, weekly, and monthly calendars
  • On-demand and scheduled reporting options

Questions About Our Landlord/Tenant Law Services?

If you have questions about our landlord/tenant law services or need guidance on handling tenant-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can speak to one of our landlord and tenant attorneys at (847) 944-9400.

If you’re a landlord or rental property manager facing tenant-related concerns or legal issues, please fill out the information below, and we will promptly contact you to assist you with your needs.

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What Sets Our Firm Apart?

Reasons to hire gardi, haught, fischer & Bhosale ltd.

Our Strategy

Our dedicated landlord and tenant attorneys are fully prepared to handle any unexpected challenges or complexities that may arise during landlord and tenant disputes.

Our Resources

Our team of dedicated landlord and tenant attorneys possesses not only the legal knowledge but also the resources and skills needed to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

Our Availability

Our team of dedicated landlord and tenant attorneys understand the intricacies involved in landlord and tenant disputes, and we are committed to ensuring that you have the expertise and resources needed to navigate through them effectively, ultimately working towards a resolution that aligns with your landlord or tenant objectives.


Our team of experienced landlord and tenant attorneys is pleased to offer legal representation in multiple languages, including Spanish (Hablamos Español), Polish (Mowimy Po Polsku), and Gujarati (Āpaṇē gujarātī bōlī’ē chī’ē).

Our Experience

Our landlord and tenant attorneys are committed to applying their extensive legal experience to address the complexities of your unique situation, ensuring that your landlord and tenant matters are handled effectively and that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.


Our team of accomplished landlord and tenant attorneys has garnered numerous 5-star Google reviews, reflecting the high level of satisfaction our clients have experienced with our landlord and tenant services.

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RE/MAX – Tim Winfrey

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"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

IL/Willowbrook – Shawn G.

"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

IL/Willowbrook – Shawn G.

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