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Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, a distinguished law firm based in Schaumburg, is dedicated to serving clients in property tax, real estate, and litigation matters. Founded over four decades ago, our firm boasts a legacy of excellence that aligns with the vast experience of our Chicago property tax attorneys. Our property tax, real estate, trial, and appellate attorneys are well-equipped to provide top-tier representation with over a century of legal experience in real estate, property tax, trial, and appellate matters.

Our property tax lawyers possess unparalleled expertise in handling assessment appeals before various authorities, including the Cook County Assessor, local Assessors, Boards of Review, The Property Tax Appeal Board of the State of Illinois, and Circuit Courts.

Our property tax services and our tax attorneys encompass litigation of property tax exemption cases, defense against undervaluation complaints, and securing Certificates of Error and refunds in cases of illegal tax rates. We offer valuable advice and consultation regarding tax increment financing projects, obtaining incentive classifications, such as Class L, for historically significant properties, and crafting real estate tax liability budgets.

Our trial and appellate practice is characterized by a proactive, innovative, and cost-effective approach to resolving complex matters in state and federal courts. In real estate, we excel in representing lenders in commercial foreclosure cases and other distressed property scenarios.

Our diverse clientele includes individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, banks, and privately-held companies. We handle various properties, including commercial high-rises, industrial warehouses, hotels, sports arenas, shopping centers, golf courses, utility substations, airport facilities, hospitals, mixed-use developments, apartment buildings, condominiums, and residential properties.

Real Estate Property Taxation

We’re recognized as one of Schaumburg’s most accomplished real estate and property tax law firms in ad valorem property tax law. Our dedicated team of property tax, real estate, trial, and appellate attorneys brings decades of experience, representing some of the area’s most substantial commercial and industrial properties. Our property tax, real estate, trial, and appellate attorneys have established strong relationships with taxing authorities, their staff, and County Division State’s Attorneys.

We specialize in various avenues of appeal available to taxpayers, starting from initial appeals to the Assessor’s Office and, if necessary, pursuing relief through the courts. While property tax appeals often find resolution through administrative agreements, we are prepared to litigate cases at the Boards of Review, PTAB, and courts. This is especially pertinent as assessment challenges, such as undervaluation complaints, are rising. Leveraging the expertise of some of the area’s most respected appraisers as witnesses, we approach many appeals as if they were headed for full-blown hearings.

Our firm’s sub-specialties encompass:

  • Obtaining Certificates of Error from the Assessor’s Office to rectify assessment inaccuracies from prior tax years.
  • Securing additional assessment relief through litigation in the Circuit Court of Cook County via specific objection lawsuits.
  • Obtaining or reinstating property tax exemptions for educational and charitable organizations through litigation or other proceedings before the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  • Obtaining various incentive classifications from local governments to reduce overall tax liabilities and support development.
  • Litigating illegal tax rate lawsuits to obtain refunds of previously paid taxes.

Don’t leave your property tax, real estate, or trial matters to chance. Contact one of our property tax, real estate, trial, and appellate lawyers at (847) 944-9400 or online to schedule a free property tax, real estate, trial, and appellate attorney consultation.

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As dedicated property tax attorneys our commitment ensures that we are fully prepared to handle any unexpected challenges or complexities that may arise in property tax matters.

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Our team of property tax attorneys possesses not only the legal knowledge but also the resources and skills required to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

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Our team of dedicated property tax attorneys not only possesses the necessary legal knowledge but also has access to a wealth of resources and capabilities required to provide comprehensive support and guidance.


Our team of experienced property tax attorneys is pleased to provide legal representation in multiple languages, including Spanish (Hablamos Español), Polish (Mowimy Po Polsku), and Gujarati (Āpaṇē gujarātī bōlī’ē chī’ē).

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Our team of accomplished property tax attorneys has garnered numerous 5-star Google reviews, reflecting the high level of satisfaction our clients have experienced with our property tax services.

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"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

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"Honestly, Couldn't Have Asked For Better Representation."

IL/Willowbrook – Shawn G.

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