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A real estate transaction is often one of the most significant financial decisions individuals and businesses make. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, selling a property, or a seasoned investor, the guidance of a skilled real estate attorney is invaluable. At Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, our experienced real estate team is here to oversee your real estate transaction, ensuring it aligns with your best interests.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

Real estate attorneys specialize in various aspects of real estate law and are crucial in guiding clients through transactions and disputes. Here are some key responsibilities and functions of a real estate attorney:

Property Transactions: Real estate attorneys assist with buying, selling, or leasing properties. They review and draft contracts, purchase agreements, lease agreements, and other legal documents to ensure local and state laws compliance.

Title Examination: Real estate attorneys conduct thorough title searches to verify property ownership history and legal status, ensuring the property can be legally transferred without hidden liens, claims, or encumbrances.

Due Diligence:Real estate lawyers investigate the property’s history, zoning regulations, land use restrictions, and potential legal issues that could impact the transaction.

Financing and Mortgages: Real estate lawyers will negotiate and review mortgage agreements, ensuring transparent and fair terms. They can also assist with refinancing and creative financing arrangements.

Land Use and Zoning: Real estate attorneys will guide local zoning regulations and land use laws, helping clients navigate legal requirements for property development or redevelopment.

Real Estate Litigation: In cases of disputes, such as boundary disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, or breach of contract, real estate lawyers will represent clients in court and conduct negotiations for resolution.

Easements and Rights of Way:Experienced real estate attorneys will assist clients in establishing and understanding easements (the right to use another person’s land for a specific purpose) and rights of way (legal passage through another person’s property).

Here’s How Our Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Can Serve You

A real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial, can have long-term legal and financial consequences. Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD, and our team of real estate attorneys are here to provide the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions. Our services include:

  • Explanation of contract terms
  • Title searches and issue resolution
  • Protection against hidden liabilities
  • Title insurance policies
  • Tax obligation clarification
  • Representation during negotiations
  • Document review before closing
  • Attendance and oversight of the closing process
  • Funds transfer management
  • Comprehensive support and answering all questions throughout the process

Our real estate legal team handles both residential and commercial real estate matters. Additional factors for commercial real estate transactions must be considered, including landlord-tenant disputes, land development, construction law, local regulations, and more. With extensive experience in business law, we assist businesses in making informed decisions about acquiring and selling commercial properties.

Landlord/Tenant Matters In Real Estate

We assist landlords and tenants in various real estate issues, from lease drafting to eviction proceedings. Our attention to detail ensures compliance with local ordinances and state and federal laws, protecting the rights of both parties. We provide legal guidance to landlords during eviction processes and represent tenants facing improper evictions.

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It’s essential to have the assistance of a proficient real estate attorney and a firm equipped with the resources needed to provide you with the support and guidance required to navigate through it.


We provide legal representation in multiple languages, including Spanish (Hablamos Español), Polish (Mówimy Po Polsku), and Gujarati (આપણે ગુજરાતી બોલીએ છીએ).

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