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Who Needs a Business Insurance Claims Attorney?

By Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD
July 28, 2020
Business Insurance Claims Attorney

Who Needs a Business Insurance Claims Attorney?

By Samuel Park

Many people have never heard of a business insurance claims attorney, or ever had the need to seek one out. Now, though, with people all around the world protesting and marching for George Floyd, some of the protests have turned violent and broken out in riots and looting of small businesses. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos from around the country. Here in Illinois, Governor J.D. Pritzker is now even asking insurance companies to expedite their claims as much as possible to help the victimized businesses that need to get back to work.

Normally, when a business suffers such damages, the recovery process begins with filing an insurance claim. It is relatively straightforward but having a business insurance claims attorney on your team can be a very beneficial strategy for getting the full coverage you deserve. 

A business insurance coverage attorney would begin with reviewing your insurance policy to determine coverage extent, exclusionary language, and policy limitations. They can negotiate on your behalf, advocate for significantly higher compensation, and give you more bargaining power and leverage against the insurance adjuster. A competent attorney can and will pursue bad faith insurance claims for the benefit of their client.

It gets complicated when businesses who have suffered riot damage do not have insurance coverage. Attorneys with expertise in this area can still help these small business clients. They may be operating without insurance because they find it simply too expensive, or because major insurance companies refuse to provide coverage for them due to their location. Regardless of the reason, recovering from business looting without proper insurance coverage can quickly become a seemingly insurmountable task.

As an attorney who truly wishes to help the small business community, I use all my expertise to help those who experience property damage at the hands of looters. Depending on your situation, there are multiple ways I can help you receive financial assistance to rebuild your business, ranging from private foundational grants, established city funds, state/federal unemployment assistance and insurance claims under your building contract and/or homeowner’s insurance.

If you have an insurance claim because of looting and are being denied coverage you feel you deserve, please contact me at for a free consultation. Together, we can find a solution.

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