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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Jeremy Bero

We were first introduced to Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD (G&H) through a family friend while seeking advice on a short sale for our condo. Our family friend worked with G&H to successfully navigate the short sale of her home, and was very pleased with the whole process.Our main point of contact at the beginning was Carolyn DeSantis, who invited us to her office to better understand how a short sale works. Unfortunately we could not arrange for a weekday visit due to my office being downtown, but Carolyn quickly suggested that we come in on the weekend. We then met with Carolyn on a Saturday afternoon, and she put her work on hold (on a weekend of all times) to sit with us for over an hour, answering our questions and officially starting the process for our short sale. We were of course very concerned with stopping payments, credit implications, etc., but Carolyn was constantly reassuring and confident that we would survive the whole ordeal.As we waited for the bank to realize we were serious about the short sale, we were in constant contact with Carolyn. She made herself available day and night, 7 days a week, with no complaints despite our barrage of questions and paperwork. It was truly a pleasure to interact with her, and she provided us with confidence and assurance throughout, while of course keeping up with the work required to keep our short sale on track.

At about the point where we started to search for a buyer for our condo (at the realistic market value), our main point of contact transitioned to Nicole Damnitz. Like Carolyn, Nicole made herself available to us and our Realtor at all hours of the day, and even on weekends. I would send her emails constantly as new documents came in from the bank, and she would graciously explain each one, process them as needed and add them to our file. I was also on the phone with her constantly, in fact almost daily, when we were getting our contract documents in order when we had our buyer, then lost that buyer the day we got our short sale approved, and again when we found our new buyer. She never once seemed frustrated with our frequent communication, and was always reassuring that we were on track and that we would get through this. The process of getting the new buyers’ names put on the approval letter was long and tense, due to the bank being non-responsive to Nicole’s very frequent requests to complete the change. She kept on them though, and kept us informed as to any progress in getting our final approval letter ready. Her efforts resulted in a new approval letter that culminated in a quick closing, which we didn’t even need to attend because G&H invited us to again come in to their offices when it was best for our schedule to get the paperwork signed.

In short, our experience with G&H, particularly with Carolyn and Nicole, was exceptional. In fact, we were so pleased with them that when we went to put in an offer on a new home, there was no question who the contract would go to for attorney review!