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Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation

Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation

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Personal injury

We represent clients in minor personal injury cases to major cases. Personal injury suits include claims in auto, commercial vehicle and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, products and premises liability and other injuries related to common accidents.

Worker's Compensation

If you are hurt while doing a work-related activity, Illinois law requires your employer to promptly provide workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include 2/3rds of your normal pay, payment of the medical expenses from a doctor of your choice, and an award based on how severely you’ve been hurt. This is different from a lawsuit – you aren’t suing your employer. It is an administrative claim that your employer’s insurance must cover.

Many injured workers forego their right to make this type of claim out of fear of retaliation from their employer. This is illegal and our attorneys know exactly how to enforce your rights. Many people make the mistake of waiting too long before they decide to hire an attorney, hoping that this will prevent retributive action by their employer. This often has the reverse effect – they simply end up giving the insurance company a head start in coming up with ways to defend the claim.

Workers’ compensation claims are different from personal negligence claims. The injured worker does not need to prove that the employer did something negligence or dangerous in order to qualify. They usually only need to prove that the injury occurred during a work-related activity.

You shouldn’t delay in contacting our workers’ compensation attorney, Parag P. Bhosale, to find out if you qualify. Mr. Bhosale has recovered millions of dollars for his clients and has been successful against some of the biggest employers and insurance companies. There is NO FEE until we make a recovery for you.