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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Lawyers

Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale LTD have a team of specialized data privacy and cybersecurity lawyers to help you navigate through the new and complex world of information privacy. One of the fastest growing crimes in America is corporate data breaches. Data breaches are harmful to both your company and your customers. Your customers could potentially have their personal and financial information compromised or used maliciously.

A data breach or other cyber-attack could damage a company’s reputation and cost them millions of dollars in litigation. Even the most secure networks are not foolproof, and you could be held liable in the case of a cybersecurity attack that compromises your customer’s information. Have our data privacy and cybersecurity lawyers assist you in preparing a strategy that protects you and your customers’ assets and information.

Cybersecurity Services

  • Security breach, crisis management, and litigation
  • Incident response team
  • Data breach response
  • Infrastructure audits and assessments
  • Mitigation of financial loss after an attack
  • Dispute resolution

Data Privacy Services

  • Policy development and enforcement
  • Regulatory advice
  • Employee training
  • Transactional safeguards
  • Counseling on social media, advertising, and marketing
  • Retention, security, and destruction programs
  • Governance, outsourcing, licensing, commercialization, and more
Consumers affected by Cybersecurity Attacks

As technology becomes more advanced, so do cyber criminals and cybersecurity fraud practices. People are increasingly falling victim to cybersecurity crimes, often without ever knowing until after the criminal has stolen their identity. The data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys at Gardi, Haught, Fischer & Bhosale have years of experience counseling clients on consumer protection, consumer disclosures, and they myriads of laws regulating consumer interactions. Our attorneys also have significant experience in litigating consumer fraud, negligence claims, breach of contract, and more. Cybersecurity crimes include identity theft, hacking of personal and financial accounts, data breaches, and negligence on the part of a party you trusted to protect your private and sensitive information.

Financial fraud may often be the result of data breaches, negligence on the part of financial institutions, hackers misusing your personal information or attempting to gain access to your personal information, and other forms of cybersecurity attacks. Our lawyers specialize in cybersecurity fraud and negligence have extensive knowledge in internet compliance, E-commerce consumer rights, and identity theft law. If you suspect that you or a loved one has been a victim of a cybersecurity crime, please contact our law offices to schedule a consultation by clicking on our free case evaluation button or calling 847-944-9400.