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Attorney Profiles

Stacey E. Lynch


Stacey lives in the south suburbs with her 3 children.


Stacey graduated from the University of Illinois in 1996 and John Marshall Law School in 1999.

Community & Professional Experience

Stacey has over twenty years of litigation experience, most of which is in representing injured people in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. She spent the past 4 years as the head of the litigation department of a small real estate firm in the western suburbs which led to a significant expansion of the types of litigation cases she handled.

In addition to her vast personal injury experience, she also has experience litigating landlord-tenant, real estate transaction disputes, business disputes and contested probate cases. Stacey has obtained numerous favorable judgments, arbitration awards and bench and jury verdicts on behalf of her clients, including a record-breaking 22.52 million dollar verdict for the death of a husband and father.

Some of Stacey E. Lynch’s awards to date are as follows:

  • Top 100 Consumer Female Lawyers in Illinois 2010
  • Top 50 Female Lawyers in Downstate Illinois 2010
  • Leading Lawyer 2009-2011

Stacey E. Lynch practices in the following areas:

• Personal Injury

• Assault

• Construction Accidents

• Trucking Accidents

• Dram Shop

• Medical Malpractice

• Premises Liability

• Sexual Abuse

• Slip and Fall

• Workers Compensation

• Wrongful Death

• General Litigation

• Estate Disputes

• Breach of Contract

• Employment Law

• Business Litigation

• Arbitration

• Appellate Law

• Guardianships and adoptions